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This is the Website of Amin Negm-Awad. I write books about Objective-C and Cocoa and do some consulting on that subject. Visit my website to know more about me.

Books – The world of my books.

Tutorials – Small tutorials for the daily problems and articles with relation to Objective-C and Cocoa.

Blog – I'm looking out of the window and see …

Consulting – The consulting together with Christian Kienle.


Of course my website is the center of the internet. But there are some other sites worth to mention:

Objective-Cloud – A new service for Objective-C developers: Write a service and push it on our servers in minutes.

Christian Kienle – Let's make a long story short: I'm glad to work with him.

Macoun – A great conference about Objctive-C and Cocoa in Frankfurt, Germany.

OS-X-Entwicklerforum – A german forum for Objective-C developers.

Stackoverflow – Did you get a problem related to programming? You will find the answer here … Or publish your question.